i adore music.
30 Seconds to Mars; ÄRZTE; Amy Winehouse; BEATSTEAKS; BILLY TALENT; CLUESO; Culcha Candela; Carpark North; Deichkind; Donots; Foo Fighters; Incubus; Kettcar; LOSTPROPHETS; Linkin Park; My Chemical Romance; Madsen; Nelly Furtado; Ohrbooten; PETER FOX; PANIC! AT THE DISCO; Rooney; RIHANNA; SEEED; Schandmaul; SUBWAY TO SALLY; Sportfreunde Stiller; Secondhand Serenade; THE SOUNDS; The Hoosiers; THE KOOKS; Timbaland; Tomte; The Subways; The Killers; Tomte; The Fray; The Ting Tings; The Fratellis; THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS; The Strokes; Wir sind Helden; Wise Guys;

[ i love it ]

und noch ein stück weiter.

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